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D  I  S

C  O  V

E  R

Your Manifested Mind


Choose Freedom

Explore the transcendent, with your tribe.

This place is for you.


Come to learn, come to Share

The goal of Living Psychedelic is to explore the myriad ways we humans attempt to express the ineffable. Our forums provide a place to share your experience in any way you choose, be it visual art, music, poetry, or some other form of storytelling. There is a place for you here.


Privacy is Paramount

We built a private community with the purpose of integrating these incredible experiences into our daily lives. We know from personal experience that finding your tribe can be challenging and lonely. So we created a home for you here; away from the control and influence of massive social media companies. Away from the eyes of those who would persecute you for your quest. An oasis where you can share freely and safely.

Completely Free

We aren’t saying that we will never make a product or sell a thing; but, this place, this forum, this community, will always be free to join and participate in. 

You've found a home

Now, Let’s Make Things Better

"Be With Those Who Help Your Being."


Community Driven

We want you to have the psychedelic home online that you dream of. So we listen, and we build accordingly.

We see a deep need for integration work and community support.


You matter Here

We want to support you as you grow.

A better way

Like you, we have done our best to find community in existing platforms like Facebook. But, we’ve never felt comfortable revealing certain details of our lives on platforms that own our data and disregard our privacy. 

We know there are other resources out there. We’ve spent years lurking on Erowid and DMTnexus. While they are amazing resources for research and learning, they are not focused on the expression of these transcendent states of consciousness. Living Psychedelic is. We want you to have a place where you can experiment with any way of communicating your experience you choose. And, we want you to have a community that loves and supports you while you explore the depths of your being.

Don’t see something that fits you? Suggest that it be added. We built this place for you, and we aren’t done building yet!