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1. We recognize that the psychedelic space is a space where people often are very vulnerable, so we must make extra effort to keep respect and compassion for people in mind at all times.
2. Maintaining respect and compassion is especially important when people are talking about sensitive subjects like sexual assault.
3. This respect and compassion must extend to everyone in the community. The community should put extra effort into encouraging diversity and inclusivity so that all people of all races, religions, ethnicities, genders and sexual orientations can feel welcome and safe.
4. Because psychedelics have historically been abused or weaponized by those in power, we need to make extra effort to include historically marginalized communities and people.
5. We want to make the community a place where people can discuss whatever psychedelic-related issues they are interested in, whether scientific research or grand philosophical questions, but making the community a safe space for all people, focusing on respect, compassion, and diversity, has to come first. Making this a safe space for everyone is more important than whatever particular question might be of interest to someone.